“Classic Romance With A Flair of Hollywood Glam” Engagement Session in Miami:...

“Classic Romance With A Flair of Hollywood Glam” Engagement Session in Miami: Melissa + Anwar


It was Anwar’s Aunt that noted to him that whomever he chose to marry, that he should ensure that the two were “equally yoked”. And from the moment he laid eyes on Melissa, the yoke was indeed equal, in fact, from his end – it was love at first sight.

The pair met in Nova Scotia, Canda while both students studying accounting. During a visit with his cousin (who attended a separate university), Anwar met the beautiful Melissa who just so happened to be her friend and collegemate. The pair exchanged a simple glance, accompanied with a friendly “hello” and Anwar was instantly smitten. Years later, Anwar’s wit and charm (coupled with a few sugary cocktails the pair note) led their glances to go from friendly to romantic. And as they spent more time together, the two discovered they shared common interests and mutual friends. Over time they grew stronger in their bond and slowly their friendship blossomed into unconditional love.

After an amazing 3 year courtship and much discussion regarding their future; the couple knew they were destined to be together forever. Anwar began to speak with close family and friends regarding his desire to marry Melissa, and later requested her parents permission for her hand in marriage. Following receival of their blessing – Anwar was ready. Knowing the importance Melissa placed on loved ones and close friends, he opted to propose during her family’s Easter Sunday brunch at Island House in Nassau, Bahamas.

With a breath-taking, balcony view as his backdrop, and friends hidden away in the restaurant, Anwar got down on one knee and surprised Melissa with the most beautiful diamond ring. And of course she said yes!

Take a look at this couple’s gorgeous “Classic Romance With A Flair Of Hollywood Glam” themed engagement session shot at the picturesque Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and the Parkland Golf & Country Club in Miami. Their e-session was stunningly captured by coterie member, Stanley Babb of Stanlo Photography with makeup by Mia Farah Beautique.


Bride-to-Be: Melissa S. Smith
Groom-to-Be: Anwar Q. McCartney
Occupations: Both Melissa & Anwar are Accountants
Wedding date: 2/25/2017
Wedding location: Nassau, Bahamas
Engagement shoot: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and Parkland Golf & Country Club in Miami, FL

melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam322 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam323 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam326 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam330melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam332

Describe your engagement session! Did you have a theme?
Our engagement theme embodied a classic romance with a flair of Hollywood glam as a pre-set to our wedding.

melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam338melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam341 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam342 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam344

What did you do on your first date?
We went to our now favorite Chinese restaurant and shared our signature dish with laughs the entire night.

melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam348 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam350melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam385melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam353 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam356 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam357

What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple?
To be fully engrossed with one another; laughing at the most random things and sharing new experiences.

melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam359 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam360 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam363 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam364 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam366

How has wedding planning been so far?
Anwar: Relaxed. (Melissa notes his response is due to his minimal involvement in the planning!)
Melissa: Overall it’s pretty easy going due to the support of some family and close friends. We want the process to be a smooth and fun one.

melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam370 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam371 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam373 melissa-anwar-stanlo-photograhy-classic-romance-hollywood-glam377

Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the wedding day?
Anwar: Seeing each other for the first time down the aisle and showing off and introducing my beautiful WIFE in celebration with family and friends at the reception.


Photographer: Stanlo Photography 
Makeup Artist & Hair (In Red Dress): Curve Your Style
Makeup Artist & Hair (In White Dress): Mia Farah Beautique


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